A Move Towards Marketing Channelization - Martech Integrations

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A Move Towards Marketing Channelization - Martech IntegrationsI am sure even you might have noticed that martech merger news has started bouncing more and more in recent times. As soon as you switch to the marketing buzz news, you might see at least one martech integration news in a week. Are we witnessing another change in the martech arena?Just note the way some of the major martech mergers and acquisitions have happened, - Merger between RichRelevance and the Manthan CDP to form Algonomy - Twilio Acquires Segment - Bloomreach Announces Acquisition of Exponea CDP - Upland Software Acquires BlueVenn(Most recent news)In today’s world, we are seeing many changes that are redefining the way in which things use to function. We have already witnessed the transformation in the way of doing business, as reports showcase even the customer behavior is changing and the motive behind acquisitions and mergers are also changing in present times.