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Wingchun Wooden Dummy offer Office Supplies

Wingchun Wooden Dummy

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Wooden dummy木人樁 Muk Yan Jong (木人樁/木人桩; pinyin: mùrénzhuāng; Yale Cantonese: muhk yàhn jòng; "wooden dummy")The Muk Yan Jong form is performed against a "wooden dummy", a thick wooden post with three a...

Chikung Forms offer Office Supplies

Chikung Forms

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FormsThere are numerous qigong forms. 75 ancient forms that can be found in ancient literature and also 56 common or contemporary forms have been described in a qigong compendium. The list is by no me...

Wudang Traditional Kungfu offer Office Supplies

Wudang Traditional Kungfu

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Fu Style Wudang QuanFu Chen Sung (Fu ZhenSong) worked the rest of his life to develop Fu Style Wudang Fist. The system included exercises, empty hand and weapons sets in Tai Chi, BaGua, Hsing-Yi—and F...

Sandas offer Office Supplies


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Sanda   散手/散打Chinese wushu martial arts manifest in two forms. One, routine, and the other, wrestling, resistance or sparring. As one of the two forms, Sanda is a central part of Chinese Wushu. Sanda,...

Baji Fist Forms offer Office Supplies

Baji Fist Forms

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Prominent branches and lineages of the art survived to modern times, including Han family Baji, Huo family, Ji family, Li family, Ma family, Qiang family, Wu family (from Wu Xiefeng), Wutan Baji Quan ...

Taichi Weapons offer Office Supplies

Taichi Weapons

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Weapons Variations of t'ai chi ch'uan involving weapons also exist such as taijijian. The weapons training and fencing applications employ:the jian, a straight double-edged sword, practiced as taijiji...

Shi-style Bagua offer Office Supplies

Shi-style Bagua

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Shi Jidong (史计栋, 1837-1909), styled Shi Zhenbang, was from Xiaozhai village in Ji county in Hebei. Because he was the sixth child in his family, people called him Shi Liu (six).In his youth, he studie...

Taichi And Taichi Regimen Theories offer Office Supplies

Taichi And Taichi Regimen Theories

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The concept of the taiji ("supreme ultimate"), in contrast with wuji ("without ultimate"), appears in both Taoistand Confucian Chinese philosophy, where it represents the fusion or mother[2] of yin an...

Shaolin Weapons offer Office Supplies

Shaolin Weapons

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Weapons have always featured strongly in Shaolin kung fu training and are one of the most popular parts of our syllabus – even in the modern era. You can try your hand with knives, swords, axes, hamme...

Shaolin Chikung Forms offer Office Supplies

Shaolin Chikung Forms

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Shaolin temple has two main legacies: Chan (禅), which refers to Chan Buddhism, the religion of Shaolin, and Quan (拳), which refers to the martial arts of Shaolin. In Shaolin, these are not separate di...