Birch Living - King Mattress Hybrid

United States , New York , New York , New york

Posted On : 16/Feb/2021


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The Magic of Birch Wool is worth experiencing! At Birch Living, we have made an arrangement that brings you close to nature. We provide the best possible materials to put into your Birch mattress and keep natural and sustainably sourced wool. We take pride in the high quality, temperature regulating, and the ultimate comfort our mattresses provide. Birch Wool’s King mattress hybrid is uniquely designed to take your sleep to new levels. All our products are handcrafted and assembled in the US, which allows close monitoring of each mattress's quality and craftsmanship. Our Ergonomic Pressure Relief is made out of countless hours of effort to find the right density of latex, quantity of wool, and type of steel springs to provide unprecedented comfort and pressure relief. Check out our website today to learn more!